Yöm thiɛk[1]

Yöm thiɛk
Lead electrolytic and 1cm3 cube.jpg
chemical element, homonuclear species, female reproductive toxicant, male reproductive toxicant, developmental toxicant, carcinogen, superconducting element
Subclass ofpost-transition metal Cokic
Part ofperiod 6, group 14 Cokic
Colorgrey Cokic
Has effectlead poisoning Cokic
Element symbolPb Cokic
Chemical formulaPb Cokic
Canonical SMILES[Pb] Cokic
NIOSH Pocket Guide ID0368 Cokic
Found in taxonfennel, Paris polyphylla var. chinensis Cokic
Has usenuclear reactor coolant Cokic
Has qualityopacity Cokic
Unicode character Cokic


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